Winter-time-ceiling-fan-direction, ceiling fans help circulate cool air and cut energy costs during the summer, but they are also helpful during winter months as well. by simply adjusting your ceiling fan direction, you can warm your home in those frigid winter months. this guide will teach you how to select the correct ceiling fan direction in winter and summer alike.. Ceiling fan adjustment to help warm up your home ceiling fan question: which direction should a ceiling fan turn in cold weather, clockwise-counterclockwise? this home electrical question came from: barbara, a homeowner in oregon., in a normal, or forward, setting, your ceiling fan is running in a counterclockwise direction -- when viewed from below -- which creates the direct breeze. it also helps to pick up air from the air....

4 general rules: the direction of the fan is determined by you looking up at it. during the summer months the fan should be blowing straight down (blades turning counter-clockwise) to help cool you off via a wind chill effect. fan speed should be on medium or high., the short answer is: “in the winter, your ceiling fan should be turning clockwise (reverse). in the summer, your ceiling fan should be spinning counter clockwise (forward).” ceiling fan direction illustration chart the above animated ceiling fan is spinning clockwise (reverse)..

Photo about: ceiling fans in winter, title: which direction should my ceiling fan go in winter, description: .. , tags: ], resolution: 950px x 950px, visit the post for more. ceiling fan hacks to save energy and money the simple dollar ceiling fan direction for summer counterclockwise and winter which way should a ceiling fan turn home decor selection ceiling fan direction for summer counterclockwise and winter ceiling fan direction in summer and winter the