Webcam-for-large-conference-room, the first but you can rest assured it won’t be our last conference room camera review from logitech. we’re taking a look at their conference cam bcc950 which give you professional quality hd video with superior speakerphone sound and is ideal for small group conferencing situations. it combined a 78-degree view field with a 108-degree remote-controlled video pan as well as a tilt and zoom .... Wide angle webcam,120 degree view spedal 920 pro video conference distance learning remote teaching camera, full hd 1080p live streaming web cam with built-in microphone for mac, pc, laptop, desktop, works as advertised. pretty much plug n play. we use it for webex video conferences in a small conference room. remote users appreciate being able to see participants in the room as well as make out what is being drawn on the whiteboard..

Genius widecam f100 conference webcam if you have a big team and you frequently have conference calls, genius widecam f100 conference webcamis the perfect webcam that can suit all your needs. the genius webcam has an ultra-wide-angle lens. that means that the video stretches up to 120 degrees., with a great camera and audio quality which is excellent at noise cancellation, it’s really the best webcam for large conference rooms which are noisy (or people talk too much at your office.) the autofocus feature adjusts to the light condition and automatically corrects the light as per the requirement..

Group video conferencing system gives you an hd video camera and clear audio spepakerphone. turn any room into a conference rom for mid-to-large groups., note that the webcam itself is important, but the bigger issue is the software that runs the thing. not to sound like a salesman for nefsis, but you can use their service or buy ....

Logitech conference cameras offer high-definition video and easy-to-use integration with the most popular video conferencing solutions. learn more here., want a live virtual demo? click chat now below to get started. we're here to help you with the full range of zoom licenses for your business and work-from-home employees.