Web-enabled-relay-device, webrelay provides remote relay control and digital input monitoring over any ip network. it features a remote reboot mode for servers or ip cameras. webrelay has a built-in web server which allows for control and monitoring of a device using a standard web browser. no programming required.. X-410 features 4 digital inputs, 4 relays, up to 16 1-wire sensors, and a built-in web-server that allows remote access from many devices along with infinite control and monitoring possibilities., we work hard to protect your security and privacy. our payment security system encrypts your information during transmission. we don’t share your credit card details with third-party sellers, and we don’t sell your information to others..

Web controlled din power relay! din relay iv web power switching is now affordable! this smart relay includes a web server, power supply, auto-ping, clock/calendar, and eight relays all in a miniaturized package at a breakthrough price!, internet protocol relay service allows persons with a hearing or speech disability to use telecommunications relay service through a computer or web-enabled device to communicate through the telephone system with hearing persons.. The pilot series contains relays that are rated at 10 or 15 amps. they have been packaged to save the installer the time, trouble and expense of buying separate components (relay, led indicator, socket, mounting rail, transient protection and housing) and assembling them on the job or at the shop., yes, you could setup a scene to send http commands. if you are on the latest beta, you could then create a virtual device, change the device type to "scene shortcut" then set that device as the scene you created..

You have a scanner, and you want to email scanned documents to yourself or someone else. you have a line-of-business (lob) application that manages appointments, and you want to email reminders to clients of their appointment time. you want to send email from a third-party hosted application ..., we did it with foursquare's alpha 2.0 api, a local push notification service, an industrial web-enabled relay device, some speaker wire, and knowing about electricity. then we made a video about it to invite you to our new years party.