Weathering-diesel-locomotives, this is a new ho scale e-7 diesel. it’s well detailed and runs well with sound, but it looks too toy-like to me. there are as many ways to weather a locomotive as there are model railroad track plans!. In this video, cody grivno show how to use an airbrush to add quick and easy weathering effects to an out of the box ho scale diesel locomotive., real trains spend years out in the elements and many show the signs of this long and hard service life. weathering can take many forms; rust, grime, patched and peeling paint, and faded letters. there are almost as many ways to recreate the ravages of time and nature. weathering a pristine model can be intimidating, but it is not impossible..

Here a quick step by step video that i filmed while i weathered my ns sd70. the prototype locomotives had a bad paint job or clear coat, causing the black to fade off and the primer to show through., this is part 2 of the video step by step covering how to add weathering effects to an n scale diesel locomotive. cody grivno shares techniques for applying rust patches and soot effects, painting the trucks, fuel tank, and underframe, blending the various effects, and putting the parts back together with astonishing results!.

In this installment of video step by step, cody grivno shows you how to model a weather-beaten modern diesel locomotive using acrylic paints. in part 1 of 2, he covers how to disassemble the n scale model, prep it for painting, and apply the characteristic deteriorating paint patches., this is part 1 of a 3 part video showing how to weather a loco into scrapline condition.. This article describes the process of weathering locomotives, including steam, diesel and electric motive power. locomotives probably offer the best opportunities for weathering, particularly those representing the end of the steam era, because any level of weathering is possible - anything from a 'light dusting' to the 'full works'., in this addition to my how to, weathering series, we will work on an athearn rtr sd40-2. you will see how i modify and change details, add safety stripes, and learn how i weather using real photos ....

Diesel weathering . here is a step by step tutorial on how i weathered this intermountain gevo. improved lighting for an intermountain sd40-2w