Weather-radar-test-equipment, 403 radar test equipment. description: this project covers the development and study of test equipment for use with radar sets.. The rd-301a weather radar test set is a precision simulator designed for testing aircraft weather radar and narrow pulse marine radar systems., the pts-3500b is a complete turnkey test system containing all of the hardware and software that an avionics shop needs to test and re-certify weather radar lrus. the system replaces the previous generation of obsolete manual test equipment and provides the added benefit of automation by running the same adate* software that rockwell collins uses..

Shop our wide selection of weather stations, instruments & equipment perfect for your home or industrial meteorological needs. enjoy our low price guarantee!, to help ensure continuing system reliability, telephonics supplies customized test equipment, helping to sustain lifecycle operations and lowering cost of ownership.. We buy and sell avionics and instruments test equipment and systems including, rvsm pitot-static air data test sets, vor / loc / comm test equipment, dme/mode s transponder test sets , radar testers and tcas ramp test equipment., telephonics’ rdr-1600 radar is a cost-effective, versatile system utilized worldwide by civilian and military operators for a wide range of missions..

This top establishes procedures and provides guidance for the functional testing of aircraft airborne radar equipment. radar equipment, in the context of this top, includes airborne transponders, terrain avoidance radar, including surveillance/ground mapping, and weather radar., detailed avionics part information page for telephonics rt-1401b radar transceiver with price, availability, stock, inventory, features, specifications, and description.. 86 . avionics news • june. 2011. flight-line troubleshooting and repair major players in airborne weather radar. an understanding of the major players and the history of the