Weaning-rings-for-cows, the guaranteed way to save time, money and stress at weaning time. easywean® noserings provide an alternative to the stress inducing practice of separating young calves from their mothers during the weaning period.. Solution: weaning ring, a contraption that is placed in the nose and causes discomfort to the cow while being nursed, as well as presents a barrier to reaching the teat. some calves learn to work..., nylon calf weaner is durable and easy to apply by hand. suitable for calves up to 18 months of age. reduces the stress of weaning. typically leave the weaners in the calves for 4-7 days, then separate the calves from their mothers at the time of removing the weaners..

In this video, the farmer has just affixed a spiked plastic plate to the face of a male dairy calf in order to prevent the calf from drinking his mother’s milk. the spiked weaning nose plate is a variation of the spiked weaning nose ring, both originally invented to wean “beef” calves from their mothers., simple practical solution to weaning problems. self-piercing ring is placed into animal's nose and held securely by screw. stays in animal until removed. tabs are bent to hold ring in proper position..

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