Wd-my-cloud-security-patch, western digital has released a hotfix to resolve a serious authentication bypass vulnerability in the my cloud product line which permits attackers to hijack and take full control of a vulnerable.... A security researcher discloses full details on multiple software vulnerabilities in western digital's my cloud network-attached storage devices that have now been patched., a critical security flaw in western digital's popular my cloud family of nas devices allows hackers to gain full access to the devices' contents. remco vermeulen, a dutch security researcher has .... What's new! security fixes. resolved multiple command injection vulnerabilities including cve-2016-10108 and cve 2016-10107. resolved multiple cross site request forgery (csrf) vulnerabilities., update. western digital’s my cloud ex2 storage devices leak files to anyone on a local network by default, no matter the permissions set by users..

I’ve been having more issues of unable to play any media files and issue connecting to my cloud on cellular network. i’ve decided to reboot the device by pressing the reset pinhole button to remedy the problem. when this occurs, i can login to my local mycloud device without needing the admin password. here is how i reproduced it. navigate to mycloud admin page using any browser. goto ..., list of all wd firmware and software available for download..

Yeah, tehnically wd have access to all our files (because wdmc connected to wd2go through openvpn. its secure connection, but can see all your files.). need real “security” - build your own system (source code for kernel, bootloader and all system apps are available by gpl)