Ways-to-save-on-your-electric-bill-in-the-summer, how much money do you generally spend on electricity during the fall and spring months? does this number seem to grow every summer when the weather turns warm? that's because you're not making a conscious effort to reduce the amount of energy you're using, and the air conditioner is the main.... What’s less obvious is figuring out ways to save money on your electric bill in the summer without sacrificing comfort. there are some simple steps you can take to keep your home cool and your bills low during the summer heat., shutterstock. those old windows may vintage charm, but they're letting your air conditioning leak out—and driving up your cooling costs. to help prevent this, devries suggests installing high-impact windows, which "filter out uv rays and prevent temperature increases when the sun shines through.".

You can cut your power bills this summer without having to buy a lot of gadgets or sit at home in the dark. maybe you’ve already got ceiling fans, heavy drapes on your windows to keep out the ..., figuring out how to lower electric bills in the summer can be difficult, especially when temperatures are at their hottest. luckily, there are some steps you can take to save on your electricity bill during the summer months..

There are some simple energy saving techniques that can help you lower electricity bills in the summertime. for best results, implement more than one method. if you are trying to cut down costs at home or work, talk to your family members, roommates, or coworkers so they know how to save energy, too. method 1