Ways-to-keep-a-door-open, the reason your door won’t stay open is probably that the door frame, or the wall it’s attached to, was installed slightly out of plumb. while there’s no easy fix for the framing, there are a couple of ways to keep the door where you want it.. If you put the door stop in the gap so the door couldn't close, instead of under the door holding it in place, you cat would be able to get in and out fine., plus-d is a japanese company that actually sells colorful silicone tubes that are similar to a tube of hand lotion, facial cleanser, etc. and markets them as doorstops to keep your doors propped open..

Last week we rounded up a whole bunch of fun and silly ways to welcome people to your door, and now it’s time to serve up the most creative ways to make sure those pesky doors stay open. whether you’re throwing a the-more-the-merrier sunday brunch or simply need a chic way of keeping that heavy kitchen door open, here are 20 doorstops, wedges, and stoppers that are sure to fit the bill., place a large nail or small screwdriver on the bottom of the center hinge pin of your door. tap it with a hammer, forcing the nail out the top of the hinge. if your door has only two hinges, close....

Kickdown door stops are simple to install and use. just kick the arm down with your foot and the rubber tip holds the door in the open position. they are available in 3 lengths - 4 inch kickdown, 5 inch kickdown and 7 inch extra long kickdown. next lets look at the newer kick around door stops.