Ways-to-hang-up-pictures-in-a-dorm-room, if you're heading off to college this year, now is the time to decide upon all your dorm room decor. the average dorm room is around 228 square feet — and in most cases, you're probably sharing that with another two or even three people. that's not a lot to work with when you're trying to make a space of your own — even when you think vertically, as everyone should.. Mounting putty is a great way to avoid putting any holes in your dorm-room walls, and while it’s sticky enough to hold up your decorations it doesn’t make a mess on the walls. image courtesy of art supply critic. the quick way to decorate your walls is with mounting putty., 2. wreath style . there are a lot of tutorials for this if you search 'photo wreath' on youtube. i particularly like this style because you can display a large number of pictures without taking up a lot of space..

Washi-tape is one of my favorite ways to spice up a dorm room. one, you can easily place it on walls and then take it off when it is time to move out. two, because it is so cheap and comes in handy in multiple different places. this is my current favorite washi-tape that i own and it has lasted me forever (less than $6!)., aug 18, 2015 - think outside the frame..

Mix up 2-d and 3-d elements for texture by putting some photos in frames, and leaving some the way they are. if you want a more eclectic, bohemian feel, the frames can be mismatched, otherwise, choose standard solid-colored frames that can be easily hung up. try creating a collage in a distinctive shape, like a heart., there are a lot of ways to hang up your pics: you could create your own wallpaper by covering the entire surface, make a fun shape like a heart, or hang them up like laundry on a line. you can even use visually similar shots to create a sort of photo-wallpaper effect..

Here’s what you do once you’ve got the supplies: tape four paperclips to your wall where the four corners of your poster will be. put the poster in place, then stick some magnets in each corner..., dec 29, 2011 - explore lilialalalacali's board "dorm room pictures", followed by 231 people on pinterest. see more ideas about dorm room pictures, words, me quotes..

Websites like society 6 and 20×200 also offer awesome art prints for reasonable prices. i once gave a friend a painting of a the world cup soccer match in brazil and when he hung it up, it was a little pop of color that brightened up a mostly neutral room.