Wayne-dalton-torquemaster-spring-replacement, replacement springs for wayne dalton garage doors using the torquemaster spring system. this specialty spring is made only by wayne dalton for their torquemaster tms garage door system. the information above is all we need or can use to determine what spring is correct for your door.. Removal instructions for torquemaster™ single spring system a torquemaster ™ single spring system can be identified by the end brackets. the right hand end bracket will have a drive gear, counter gear, counter assembly, and a winding bolt head., wayne dalton also published instructions for replacing the original torquemaster springs as well as the torquemaster plus springs, but they're difficult to follow. if a picture's worth a thousand words, these instructions should be sufficient for do-it-yourselfers. 1. sometimes the door is opened after a spring breaks..

Wayne dalton original torquemaster garage door spring systems for model numbers 8000, 8100, 8200, 9100, 9400, 9600, 9700, 9800 9900, 5120, 5140, fcii, wgii, tgii ..., direct replacement wayne dalton torquemaster one and torquemaster plus springs these are springs only, and do not include the tube, please be sure to fill out all drop down options above to the specifics of the spring desired. some spring weights are available in both single and double spring systems..

Wayne dalton garage door spring replacement the wayne dalton torquemaster system was developed to improve on the traditional torsion spring system. the spring bar/torsion tube remains the spring bar/torsion tube remains mounted on the header above the garage door like any standard system., these springs are genuine wayne dalton replacement springs for torquemaster+ (plus) system or torquemaster one. includes the replacement spring and plastic sleeve, the metal torquemaster tube is not included the springs are sold by door weight (pounds), door height (feet), and the amount of springs on your door (single or pair)..

Wayne dalton’s torquemaster springs are stored in a hollow tube, so you can’t actually see them when examining your garage. with most springs, you can clearly see when they break and need replacement. that’s not the case with wayne dalton’s torquemaster springs., replacement springs for garage doors are one of 3 basic types - torsion springs, torquemaster springs, and extension springs. wayne dalton torquemaster springs are only made for wayne dalton garage doors. garage door torsion springs and garage door extension springs are compatible with all makes and models of garage doors.