Wayne-dalton-torquemaster-plus-spring-adjustment, remove the end bracket(s) from the winding shaft. caution: the winding shaft may rotate when removing the end bracket. bend the center bracket tab over. lift the right hand side of the torquemaster® tube and slide the cable drum off the tube. note: ® torquemaster® torquemaster. Torquemaster plus: winding assembly - download installation instructions cable drums - click here to view installation instruction conversion tm to tm3 - how to convert torquemaster original to torquemaster plus full - torquemaster plus spring installation instructions torquemaster original/one: original torquemaster spring installation instructions, spring winding assembly tool for wayne dalton garage doors with a torquemaster plus spring. this spring winding tool with a built in counter is only compatible with the torque master plus series of springs due to the hexagonal end. this professional tool is capable of winding up to 500 doors without needing to be repaired..

Wayne dalton torquemaster plus is a spring system used on garage doors. torsion springs fit inside the shaft instead of sliding over the shaft lifting the door. one popular option the torquemaster plus system provides is the ability to replace just the springs in the system when maintenance is needed, instead of having to replace the whole system., do not use the wind- ing mechanism to make spring adjustments. clamp a pair of vice clamps on the vertical tracks just above the third roller on one side and just below the third roller on the other side. this will prevent the door from raising or lowering while adjusting the spring(s). to add spring tension: the ratchet wheel is made of 10 teeth..

The information above is all we need or can use to determine what spring is correct for your door. any other information such as part numbers, spring dimension, wire size, and door models is subject to variables and will not provide accurate or usable here for torquemaster spring faqs, staff answer: the part may be black plastic or silver metal but it is a torquemaster one spring end; the manufacture started making them out of metal but they may have some of the black plastic left in inventory not sure why you would prefer the plastic... please elaborate if you stripped your end you are probably due to replace the who wayne dalton torquemaster spring.