Wax-melting-machines, fast, safe & precise melting of all machinable wax used for proofing, machining programs, prototyping & mold making. 100% us steel free from mercury, lead & radiation. round inner surface is high-grade, us 304 stainless steel with #4 finish so it is easy to clean, rust proof, and provides years of service.. Electric wax melting pot machine holds up to 10.5 lbs of melted soy wax! great for the "do it yourself" candle maker, whether you do it for fun or for a business. works perfect for all type of wax: soy wax, paraffin wax, coconut wax, beeswax and others!, whether you are working in small or large batch pours, the even heat, fast melt times, and low operating costs of these wax melting machines can help you reach higher levels of operational efficiency. coogar products is a worldwide company, and all of our wax melters are made here in the usa..

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This paraffin wax machine is thermostatically controlled, keeping melted wax at a constant temperature between 126-134 degrees fahrenheit, to give you the maximum therapeutic benefits. this wax..., “from minimal fragrance burn off in the pumping machines to the rapid and energy efficient melting in the wax tanks, our processes rely heavily on their equipment. our 11 machines run for more than 18 hours a day with minimal down time for preventative maintenance, allowing our operation to run smooth and efficient..

Our flagship product for bottle wax sealing. patented semi-automated machine, easy to use and suitable to seal bottles of various shapes and sizes (from 0,375 to 3 litres). it is versatile and productive (up to 350 bottles/hour) and ideal for medium production lots. watch wax matic in action or request a quote!, wax melter for candle making: large pot holds approximately 6 qts of melted wax! super- fast melter can melt soy wax, paraffin, coconut, beeswax. easy to use temperature setting from warm to 400 degrees fahrenheit. this melter pot will speed up your candle making so you can do bulk orders..

Large 27 litre wax melting system for candle makers who make a lot of candles! this wax melter will hold up to 27l of wax when molten. this high quality melter has electronic controls for both temperature and timer, making it safer and better value than many others you will find.