Use-appliance-dolly-up-stairs, moving appliances can be simple when you use the right tools. the appliance dolly is the easiest choice when moving refrigerators, washers, stoves and other heavy appliances because it has straps to secure your appliance and rub rails to protect the finish. it also makes it easier to take the appliance up and down the stairs.. How to use a kickback appliance dolly for moving heavy items. more at professional movers show us the proper way to use a heavy d..., use appliance dolly up stairs. gently roll the dolly to the stairs, and keep it tilted to. a good dolly cart helps you move loads weighing hundreds of pounds without back spasms or excessive swearing. a gun safe on the other hand can be heavier reaching weights up to 700lbs or..

When moving an appliance down a set of stairs using an appliance dolly, is it easier to walk towards the stairs pushing the dolly, or should the mover back up to the stairs, essentially going down backwards?, back the dolly up the stairs, one step at a time. on the count of three, pull up on the dolly while your helper on the lower step lifts the bottom edge of the refrigerator. stop, balance the....

This is the escalera stair climbing dolly in action! play it safe and always have someone spot you., moving house without a hand truck – or a moving dolly – is like riding a bicycle without a seat. it’s technically possible, but honestly, who does that? a sturdy, reliable hand truck is any mover’s best friend. used properly, it saves you time, rescues your back and it can singlehandedly keep your stuff from getting damaged. […]. Find hand trucks & dollies at lowe's today. shop hand trucks & dollies and a variety of storage & organization products online at, use an appliance dolly: if you need to move your fridge more than a few feet forward, you’ll want to load it onto a dolly, positioning it so that the refrigerator is tilting sideways rather than front-to-back. gently tilt the fridge so that the feet on one side are a couple of inches off the floor, then slide the dolly underneath it..

Slide the refrigerator away from the wall and secure it to the dolly. with most fridges, you should be able to slide the dolly right under, lifting it gently if necessary. tie the refrigerator to the dolly with the use of moving straps or bungees. make sure that you minimize any tilting when lifting and positioning the refrigerator on the dolly.