Unique-ways-to-frame-artwork, this approach gives your artwork another dimension, almost like a sculpture! to make one, take a simple wooden dowel and attach a long piece of string to either end. this will hold the mobile up on the wall. then attach shorter strings down the length of the dowel and use tape to attach small paintings, drawings or prints to the ends.. Finding the right frame for your photos or art is an essential final step in showcasing your masterpieces. while we naturally swoon over all frames gilded and colorful, we’re currently tossing aside the conventional wood and glass display for these 10 unique ways to frame your art. from sleek magnetic strips to well-crafted and minimally constructed designs—and even a few ways to diy ‘em ..., getting your art professionally framed can be expensive. ready-made frames are a cheaper alternative, but they’re only suitable if your work is a standard size such as a4 or a3..

A complete guide to framing art whether you are a seasoned collector or just have one or two pieces in your home, you will know that framing art, and framing it right, can add a stunning new dimension. everything from the type, size, and colour of the frame to the way it’s mounted can change the look and feel of a piec, scott purcell @ man of many we love the framing of this artwork by beastman as the white border really helps to make the colors pop. also, the actual piece is floating within the frame so it feels like the artwork is literally jumping from the wall..

If you have a particularly special piece and framing just won’t cut it, or you’re too cheap to pay for a giant frame, or you’re just looking for something different, we’ve got your number. here are five out-of-the-box ways to hang your art. highland hardware makes kits for creating frames that seem to float above the wall. above is an example of the technique at work from hunted interior., the first step in framing freedom is to start looking for quality vintage frames -- a task that's not as taxing as it sounds -- regularly. when you're at the local thrift store or flea market, look for bad art in decent frames or even decent frames that are empty, and spend no more than $5 on anything (up to $10 for the big frames).it's a bit of a mental shift from looking for quality art in ....

Different colors and combination maybe, but making a towel bar out of a variety of empty frames is kind of a cool, unique idea. furniture repairold furniturefurniture projectsfurniture makeoverpainted furniturefurniture refinishingsteel furniturefurniture storescheap furniture how to duplicate molding that is damaged or missing, pristine walls, floors, and trim serve as the perfect backdrop for this stunning abstract painting. here, a simple, razor-thin frame keeps the exuberant piece looking neat and trim against white walls..

Introduction. picture framing and matting can be an “easy”, quick process; but also can be a longer, elaborate process as well. depending on the types of outcomes you’re wanting to achieve, there are a few steps, or many, that you will need to know and follow to obtain the best results.