Unique-things-to-hang-on-your-wall, meaning, looking beyond photos, pictures, and paintings to cover your walls. whether it’s something statement-making like a white deer head with red antlers, or a rustic mason jar sconce, there are.... A gallery wall of mirrors is great if you really enjoy looking at yourself… or if you just love interesting shapes and want to make the room a little brighter., unique things to hang on your wall. there are lots of other great options of decor to hang on your wall and just because it doesn’t “match” the other frames, doesn’t matter. here, 17 unexpected, totally untraditional ways to hang pictures up on your walls. 24 must see decor ideas to make your kitchen wall looks amazing..

One of the first things you do to add a personal touch to your space is to hang things up on the walls. it might be photos, it might be degrees or it might be art, but one thing that just about everything you might put up will have in common is that they'll all be in frames.but if variety is the spice of life, then if everything on your wall is framed, it's easy for the look to become a bit ..., if you’re struggling with including unique and creative items on your gallery wall of frames, mirrors are a a great alternative. mirrors can still have frames and they can still resemble the shape of your other picture frames. if you want to be more creative, opt for a mirror in a fun shape, like a starburst..

A beautiful mess has an easy tutorial to make this easy hanging rope shelf. plus, using clipboards is a fun twist on displaying pics too. photo: a beautiful mess., choose your favorite prints and colored cardstock to create a colorful gallery wall. we love this take on quilted art that you can hang up in your living room or use as a headboard. use self-adhesive foam sheets and a circle punch to add a word or design to a bedroom wall..

Wall sconces are a fashionable way to brighten up a light-deprived area of your home. mount a pair on either side of your bed in place of bulky table lamps, or employ a single swanky sconce (like this hanging one from ashley’s home tour) for a sleek but functional reading light. 22., maybe you have chosen the most beautiful cabinets and appliances and make the most reasonable layout for your kitchen. but you still have a chance to decorate your kitchen. that’s the kitchen wall. yes, the kitchen wall is really an ideal space to beautify your kitchen since it is the heart of your home. most […].

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