Unfinished-douglas-fir-flooring, when you purchase unfinished flooring like cvg douglas fir, it has been milled to a set thickness and width. as with any unfinished wood, minor imperfections appear when the douglas fir flooring is installed. this results in slight height differences between tongue-and-groove boards, which need to be sanded to achieve a smooth surface.. Harvested and manufactured in the pacific northwest, our supreme lumber douglas fir unfinished wood flooring is the right choice for you and for mother nature. whether your plan is to paint, stain or clear-coat, our wood flooring is practically defect-free and ready for installation., traditional douglas fir flooring was used in 1800's to 1940's homes. many of our customers are replacing 100 year old floors! this material is a must for victorian, craftsman or farmhouse restorations. douglas fir flooring can add warm family home feel, to new construction as well..

Douglas fir flooring douglas fir is one of north america’s premiere construction materials. it has stood the test of time and our douglas fir flooring is no exception. the wood offers a rich colour and a classic look: elegant or rustic depending upon the grade; have a look at our collections., douglas fir is a distinctive feature in building materials and flooring in the pacific northwest and thru out north america. we stock clear vertical grain (cvg) douglas fir flooring in solid and engineered formats. we also work directly with the lumber mills and can get wider widths or mixed grain doug fir in both clear and rustic grades..

Largest selection of pre-finished douglas fir flooring in the world. with over a 200 year old proven track record. we have high quality wire brushed, circular sawn, and hand scraped douglas fir wood floors available in 8 different colors.. more information on our doug fir flooring:, douglas fir was a very traditional floor in turn-of-the century mission style homes for the working and living quarters, with a more formal hardwood in the parlor and dining rooms, or ‘public' areas of the home. today, we reclaim this versatile wood from old factories and warehouses in the form of large beams and dimensional lumber..

Fir flooring is an amazing looking wood flooring aka douglas fir. our clear vertical grain (cvg) fir flooring takes stains very well and can make for a beautiful addition to any home looking for the look of vertical grain patterns in lighter color. grades: clear vertical grain offered in 4 widths, each week we share interesting tips, tricks, and news, all related to doug fir flooring and other altrufir products.. this week read about where clear vertical grain comes from.. a few highlights: the highest quality vertical grain fiber is harvested in british columbia..

Regarded as one of the strongest and most durable soft wood materials, douglas fir has always been the preferred choice of builders, engineers and architects.