Underground-mine-roof-bolting, perhaps the most significant development in coal mine ground control during the last century was the introduction of roof bolting during the late 1940’s and 1950’s. from an engineering standpoint, roof bolts are inherently more effective than the wood timbers they replaced.. Roof bolts, in helping to create a stable rock structure, are the first line of defence to protect mineworkers from fall-of-ground-related hazards, which highlights the importance of correct roof ..., on a daily basis, mining roof bolters install various types of bolts including truss, glue, and resin bolts, traversing entire ceiling spans. they position bolting machines, and insert drill bits into chucks.. a typical day for a mining roof bolter will also include: remove drill bits from chucks after drilling holes and insert bolts into chucks..

25 slides: an introduction to roof bolting an introductory look and roof bolts and roof bolting systems. 34 slides: anchorage explores the installation of roof bolts., j.h. fletcher & co. - a world leader in design and manufacture of roof drills, bolters, scaling machines, drill jumbos and specialty equipment that improve safety and productivity in underground mines.