Underfloor-heating-floor-sensor-conduit, although prob easy question, i am installing my first heat mat and am wishing to make sure that the floor sensor is fitted right ! i have got some small tube that i'm pretty sure the sensor goes inside and protects it when it sits in chase in floor before self levelling goes down. but do you.... Hello all as a competent diy tiler i still found a wealth of good practices and tips from you guys. ok, thats enough ego stroking! :yes: i am about to lay uhf in my kitchen, utility and cloakroom, about 17m2 in total and am wondering how to install the temperature probe to obtain he best temp., bugger it, the shops are shut, and i've just seen that the temp sensor for my electric floor which i planned on installing, taping down and slc'ing over tonight after work at 1030 "should" be mounted inside a flexible conduit!!! any advice. i've read a few things on the t'internet that says....

Underfloor heating floor sensor conduit. when installing most underfloor heating systems it is normal to use two conduits running from the floor to the thermostat, one for the heating system power leads and one for the floor sensor lead. the underfloor heating probe is suitable for electric and wet underfloor heating systems., we currently have flexible conduit for floor sensing thermostats. available for free next day delivery. buy online now or call us for a free quote..

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