Ultrex-vs-vinyl, fiberglass is the superior window material. vinyl windows have a long history in the home improvement industry. first appeared in the 1970s, vinyl is actually a common name given to an advanced polymer called poly-vinyl chloride (pvc).. Ultrex fiberglass goes through a meticulous manufacturing process. every step of the way – from saturating sturdy glass cables in compounded resins to pulling these cables through a heated die – helps to create a remarkably strong material that outlasts the competition. in fact, ultrex fiberglass is eight times stronger than vinyl., ultrex is marvin windows & doors' patented creation made of pultruded fiberglass. i won't bore you with all the details, but they've created an extremely durable material out of thin cables of strong glass saturated in special resin compounds..

With a finish that’s 3 times thicker than competitive options, ultrex resists chipping, denting or peeling, and is highly fade resistant., ultrex vs. vinyl windows vinyl can warp and shift under everyday conditions — potentially making vinyl windows difficult to open and close and affecting their all-around performance. ultrex resists sticking, swelling and warping so infinity windows and doors will continue to easily open and close. ultrex vs. wood windows.

Click to download a complete comparison of fibrex® to vinyl and to marvin’s ultrex®, the fiberglass frame material used in their integrity windows.. you will see that the fibrex material indeed is twice the modulus strength of vinyl but has a lower tensile strength.more importantly, you will see that fibrex® and vinyl are inferior to full fiberglass frames featured in marvin’s integrity ..., fibrex vs. fiberglass (ultrex) replacement windows. the advantages and disadvantages of fiberglass & fibrex® replacement windows. both fibrex® and fiberglass (ultrex®) have different properties that give them advantages in the replacement window market..

Fiberglass gives a wider range of decorative options. while both materials look similar from a distance, and both can be quite attractive, fiberglass offers more variety in terms of window appearance.