Ultrasonic-vinyl-cleaner, add a made in germany elmasonic ep60h ultrasonic cleaner to your cleanervinyl system and save $200 (use coupon code "ep60h" during checkout). e stands for "easy". control cleaning time and temperature with two easy to use rotary knobs. the ep60h has a permanent sweep function that homogenizes the cavitation field.. Isonic p4875ii+mvr10 motorized ultrasonic vinyl record cleaner is a high tech sophisticated machine that can professionally clean all your vinyl records and lps in a single round. available with a large stainless steel tank, transducers and heaters it can clean up to 10 records (12″ or 10″) with its powerful ultrasonic frequency., cleanervinyl easyone is an attachment for standard 6 liter ultrasonic cleaners for the cleaning of single vinyl records. can be adjusted to fit most 6 liter cleaners, and has an integrated singles adapter. very easy to use through vertical record loading on a table top with a magnet based record mounting system..

The ps-30a 6 liter ultrasonic cleaner is a good entry level choice that can be found on ebay or amazon. it cleans at 40 khz, which is the industry standard for general cleaning tasks. a step up is the allendale cavitek 40 khz ultrasonic, which features a much better build quality, has degas and delicate cycles, and it comes with a full 1 year warranty., cgoldenwall ps-30al 6.5l digital ultrasonic cleaner cleaning machine ultrasonic vinyl cleaner ultrasonic washer machine cleaner for record eyeglass jewelry bowling ball (power adjustable) (6 discs) 5.0 out of 5 stars 3. $495.00..

Okki nokki is a dutch company. mk ii (white) is one of the best vinyl record cleaners in the market. it is a powerful, attractive and full automatic record cleaner., looking for a low cost ultrasonic record cleaner? paul rigby reviews the record cleaner pro ultrasonic vinyl record cleaners are becoming ever more popular for audiophiles and are threatening to become the de-facto standard for any serious vinyl fan wanting to maintain a shiny, clean record collection. in simple terms, such machines hold and rotate a record that is partly submerged in a bath ....

Ultrasonic cleaning is perfect for vinyl because a) it requires zero contact with the record (the cavitations do the heavy lifting), and b) ultrasonic gets deep into the grooves; many other cleaning methods are much less effective at cleaning those hard to reach deep groove cavities…, the ultrasonic way to clean vinyl. the new method is the use of an ultrasonic record cleaner. this ticks all the boxes with regards to non-contact with the surface of the record and they can be cleaned very thoroughly without chemicals. microscopic dust particles are cleaned from the very bottom of the record groove..

The new pro 2019 cleaner apparently has an improved ultrasonic generating system that utilises less actual energy. audio desk, as a vinyl cleaning company, prefer to ‘go gentle’ in terms of the force that is used to clean records.