Ulnar-gutter-backslab, the #em3 education team demonstrates how to apply an ulnar gutter slab for metacarpal fractures (4th & 5th).. How to apply the volar/ulnar gutter backslab. create . make social videos in an instant: use custom templates to tell the right story for your business., applying vular ulnar gutter backslab. perth childrens hospital. search this site. Splints are generally applied to decrease movement to provide support and comfort through stabilization of an injury. the primary purpose of a splint is as a temporary bridge for nonemergency injuries to bones until definitive casting can be performed by a consultant, such as an orthopedic surgeon., background: one fifth of hand injuries are fifth metacarpal neck fractures (‘boxer’s fractures’). if stable, these are traditionally treated with an ulnar gutter back slab in the first instance. several trials have looked at buddy strapping as an alternative, but in 2005 a cochrane review1 concluded that existing studies were underpowered to detect a difference […].

Plaster backslab comprises of padding in the form of soft-roll wrapped around the limb, thickest over bony prominences 4” or 6” slabs of plaster (8-10 ue, 12-14 le) thick are then applied and held by flannel wrapped snugly reasons for splinting reduces pa, application of ulnar gutter splint medical college of wisconsin em. this feature is not available right now. please try again later..

General principles of plaster backslab application. disclaimer. these guidelines have been produced to guide clinical decision making for the medical, nursing and allied health staff of perth children’s hospital., a practical guide to the application of backslabs, splints, cam boots and darco shoes for your paediatric and adult patients. the videos are designed to show you how to do each backslab when required, indications are listed but those that are not are usually discussed with orthopaedics (protocols may vary at different sites)..

The boxer's fracture: a fracture of the forth or fifth metacarpal neck with volar displacement of the metacarpal of the most common injuries seen in the ed, and occurs in 20% of patients that punch a hard object.