Ugly-green-marble-fireplace, a fireplace can be the centerpiece of one’s home, an item that immediately attracts the eye of all guests when they enter the house, but what if that becomes a bad thing. every fireplace will one day become weathered and old. this is also something that can affect new homeowners who buy a house, but find that the sole problem with the design is that the fireplace is just plain ugly.. Ugly green marble fireplace. february 10, 2020 amirul m uncategorized. have you been wanting to make a change, but can’t afford a full fireplace makeover? renovating a tired, dated fireplace is one of those things—it can seem like the project is way too difficult or time consuming to do right., this is one of those posts that unfortunately has been a long time coming, but i wanted to get this right. my hope is this post will be extremely helpful for homeowners struggling with a fireplace that is outdated or just not their style. our fireplace actually did not fit either of these categories. the ... read more about marble tile fireplace makeover.

In short, everything you need to vanquish an ugly green marble fireplace. tiling a fireplace. tiling a fireplace is a lot like tiling anything else. because we were adhering the tile right to the marble, it required finding the right kind of adhesive (i chose one that would adhere to concrete-a similar surface type- and was appropriate for ..., i have an ugly green marble slab in front of my gas fireplace. can i paint? if yes, what type of paint and special instructions are there..

I am totally sold on annie sloan chalk paint.up until last week, i had read that people fall in love with this paint after trying it out, but we don’t have stockist near us, and it never occurred to me to order some online., over time, i’ve decorated around the strange corner fireplace, but have never loved it. it worked – it was fine. plus i assumed that fixing the marble fireplace surround was either impossible due to the hardwood floor or really expensive.