Small-oval-brown-bug-in-bathroom, question: we’ve been having a problem with tiny reddish-brown bugs in the master bath of our brand-new home. they are heaviest on the tile closet floor, in the shower and around the toilet. they are very tiny, almost like fleas, but are reddish in color and do not fly.. In my bathroom i occasionally find little oval-shaped shapes bugs (about a quarter inch) on the wall. they're dark brown, possibly black, and i can't see their legs. they hardly move and don't get out of the way when i kill them. i don't think that they're pillbugs. also, i live in the midwest. please help me identify them; i hate bugs., finding bugs inside of your home is never a fun experience, but treating them will depend on which type of pest you have on your hands. most commonly, small brown bugs can be found in various parts of the home from the kitchen to the garage, be they fleas, carpet beetles or bedbugs, among others..

115 commerce drive pelham, alabama 35124 205.598.2581 toll free: 1-855-663-4208 huntsville customers 256.217.3080 site map web support by infomedia, tiny black bugs in bathroom – seeing bugs in your home, especially coming out of the sinks and drains, is something of a nightmare and can easily be associated with horror movie plots or decay. the small black bugs that sometimes emerge from the bathtub and sink drains are known as drain flies, but this flies can also be called drainage moths, filter flies, and sewage flies..

I have these too. i have spent many a google search trying to figure out what they are and the best i've come up with is some sort of mite. they usually only last at our house for a couple of months and then we won't see them again for a year or two., determining what kind of insect pest you have, will help you find the best way to get rid of them. the discussions found below are about trying to identify small brown bugs..

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What kind of bug is this? orkin canada's comphrensive pest library helps you identify the type of pest, treat an infestation, and prevent them coming back.