Sealing-a-torch-down-roof, torch-down roofing is installed on many homes with flat and low-sloped roofs. layers of rubberized asphalt cover the roof sheathing, and the seams are heated with a torch, providing a watertight.... Torch down roofs are composed of two or more layers of a modified asphalt membrane, applied with an open flame torch. discover the various components of a torch down roof, and the materials used to manufacture it. plus, learn the advantages and disadvantages of a torch down roof system., more about mod-bit roofs - subscribe - flat roofs can be very expensive to repair. using liquid rubber pr....

What is the best product to use as a coating on an old but not leaking torch down roof? is a primer recommended? i had a out building with a torchdown roof coated with a sno-coat product and the snocoat seems to be losing its bond., how to make a torch down rubber membrane repair? do it yourself videos, instructions and a tool and material list to help you fix your roof - chat support - send images of your roof and i will analyze and provide free advice - save money doing it yourself.

Torch-on or sometimes referred to as torch-down roofing is a combination of two ingredients (modified asphalt and resin). these two main base materials are melted together using a torch to form a thick layer. this layer now becomes a waterproof material that is ideal for both commercial and residential use.