Seal-gutter-spke-holes-on-house, gutters are often installed using aluminum gutter spikes and ferrules which can bend easily and work loose over time. replacing them with steel gutter screws and rigid plastic ferrules provides a more secure alternative and will prevent them from pulling loose or sagging.. Gutters develop holes in a number of ways. rust eats through steel gutters, and copper and aluminum versions are easily punctured by falling branches or sharp tools. occasionally, you'll find a hole that someone drilled through a gutter in an attempt to drain standing water., this ground spike is designed simplify the task of installing fences and other posts. instead of digging a hole or mounting your post in concrete, this ground spike is simply driven into the earth and attached to your wooden post..

Get gutter guards: if you don't relish the thought of regular gutter cleaning, fit your gutters with gutter guards, but beware of wide-mesh guards that allow pine needles and smaller debris to pass through. you'll still have to clean the gutters, and the mesh will make the job harder. micro-mesh gutter guards are the best on the market, according to the ncr consumer advocacy group., features:easy to install: the spike kitomes with pre-drilled holes and glue troughs to make iallation fast and easy, great for balconies, roofs, bar fters, corcial signs, patios, parking lots and more.humane rd rellent solution: the kit works for multiple types of st birds such as pigeons, sparws, starlings, crows, blkbirds, rackles, sgulls, sllows, bats and even climbg animals.>parmeter:name ....

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