Satchels-for-sheet-metal-roof, unreliable raiding tool that can be used to destroy player-made buildings for the purpose of entering other players bases and looting them. the satchel charge becomes armed when placed, has a random time until detonation, and has a small chance to malfunction, requiring the user to pick up and rearm.. Tool quantity time fuel sulfur; 40mm he grenade: 40: 49 sec--40mm he grenade: 39: 48 sec--rocket: 8: 42 sec ×240 ×11,200: high velocity rocket: 67: 6 min 36 sec-×13,400, the satchel charge is a craftable explosive that can be thrown on towers, doors and deployable items. once a satchel charge has been stuck to an object it will automatically arm itself..

How many for a sheet door or a stone wall etc, just curious if any info on damage was out, satchel charge raiding costs so correct me if i'm wrong but i think i have done the math for the cheapest amounts of gunpowder for raiding doors. for wood your cheapest option would be 1 satchel charge and 1 beancan grenade. for sheetmetal your cheapest option would be 3 satchel charges and 2 bean cans (or just use 1 f1 grenade for reliabilaty). Tool quantity time fuel sulfur; 40mm he grenade: 30: 34 sec--rocket: 6: 30 sec ×180 ×8,400: high velocity rocket: 50: 4 min 54 sec-×10,000: timed explosive charge, the metal ceiling is an upgraded version of the wood ceiling that is more impervious to explosive charges than its wooden counterpart. it is crafted using 8 low quality metal..

The following table compares commonly used explosive devices, in terms of the minimum amount required to destroy a given object: