Rv-fiberglass-roof-delamination, if something impacts the rv roof or wall it might not puncture the fiberglass, but it can hit it hard enough to permanently dent the underlying styrofoam and wood substrates. this rv delamination problem is obvious. the result is a convex air pocket that causes bonding agent failure and separation.. Additional materials needed to reinstall and reseal trim, compartment doors, windows are not included here. the need for these other materials will vary from project to project based the location and extent of delamination on your rv., rv delamination repair system and sealants kits include the original proprietary composet slv® formulation developed for use in rv, motorhome, and camper fiberglass siding repair. composet slv® bonding resin is a dedicated system developed to adhere and re-bond water damaged rv walls without melting the styrofoam insulation..

Rv delamination. anyone who owns an rv or a motor home knows that the unit needs maintenance. this is true for any vehicle and for any home. a recreational vehicle is usually designed to serve both needs, which makes both home and vehicle maintenance important., the first evidence of a delamination problem is bubbles (or blisters) forming on the sidewalls as the luan plywood under the outer fiberglass layer breaks down, allowing it to pull away from the wall structure. delamination is generally caused by moisture infiltrating the wall and destroying the integrity of the luan plywood..

It is a 1999 safari trek 6.5l diesel. i have called safari and have not gotten any recommendations. while in grants pass, or about a month ago someone suggested i check with an auto repair shop for suggestions., park the rv next to an adjacent wall. have a panel board large enough to cover the delamination area. have some 3x2 (or simlar) and wedges to able to wedge the board against the side of the rv and the wall. drill holes along the top of the delamination area and then alternate spaces going down to the bottom of the delam..

Will your products fix delaminated fiberglass siding on my rv? our products alone cannot fix delamination. our kit is a tool developed for use in rv side wall delamination repair that has to potential to repair or improve delaminated walls, floors, and roofs.