Roof-sleeper-definition, hi guys, the building inspector wrote on the elevation plans that we need roof sleepers for our gable dormers. what are they exactly? i can't seem to find much about them online. thanks in advance,. Sleeper s - any of the pieces of timber. stone, iron or steel, on or near the ground level, to support some superstructure, to steady frame work, to receive floor joists. soil pipe - amy pipe which conveys the discharges of water-closets or fixtures having similar functions. [], sleeper definition is - one that sleeps. how to use sleeper in a sentence..

Sleepers come in a variety of materials, but only wood sleepers are regularly used in deck building. concrete and metal sleepers work well for building retaining walls, but these materials are too hard to attach normal deck boards to for a basic deck., subfloor sleeper are used in basements to protect certain types of flooring such as laminate, hardwood, and carpet. most basements have concrete floors, which have the potential to draw moisture. moisture can cause floors to warp, and provide a breeding ground for mold.. Concealed roof gutter for a modern home - los angeles home builder - duration: 1:46. resonne building and design 2,050 views, sleeper definition: 1. someone who sleeps in the stated way: 2. acarriage in a train with beds for passengers to sleep…. learn more..

Roof top deck with sleeper system install guide . deck must be designed to ensure that proper drainage and air flow are maintained. -1/4” (6.4 mm) minimum gap where the decking meets a solid wall, maximum of 3/8” (9.5 mm) recommended.-3/16” (4.8 mm) gap between boards; this is the standard gapping for duralife products.-air should be allowed free movement under the structure, do not ..., prepare the floor by vacuuming and installing a waterproofing membrane on asphalt mastic. overlap the seams of the plastic sheet at least 6 inches and tape the seams with the tape recommended by the manufacturer..

Rooftop sleeper standoff support: the sleeper standoff support offers a strong and economical solution for creating an elevated rooftop standoff from existing sleeper supports (or roof curb).