Replace-inground-pool-liner, if your pool has a soft bottom, find discolored or muddy sand which is a sure sing that the old liner was leaking. take out discolored or muddy sand and replace them with fresh sand that has similar consistency. smooth out the pool bottom using a plastic trowel, taking out any stone and other similar material that may have been pulled in.. Thicker pool liners do not typically last any longer than the industry standard 20 mil vinyl liner. typically 15 years is about the average replacement age of all in-ground pool liners. the warranty is exactly the same on all rectangle replacement pool liners from pool warehouse which is 20 years., replacing pool liners is part of pool ownership. vinyl inground pool liners can last up to 8-10 years depending on how much uv light it's exposed to and how well the pool chemicals are balanced. selecting one that you will be happy with requires a little bit of knowledge..

Watch the process to change a ugly vinyl liner pool into a pool that looks brand new!, the price chart below is for standard pools and depths. we can custom make any size or shape and can normally quote a custom liner in only a few hours time..

The cost of replacing a vinyl liner in a swimming pool will depend on a few factors: a new vinyl liner can come in anywhere from $3,000-$5,000 sometimes more sometimes less. that is why unless you have a straight regular rectangle pool your pool company will need to see the pool first hand before making any accurate quote., the cost to replace an inground swimming pool liner is between $1,400 and $4,800, while an above ground pool liner runs from $350 to $1,600 on average. installing a new liner is more expensive than other types of repairs, but it will bring life to your pool and last for 10 years..

Hi jon, sounds like what those are used for, a dry well that you can connect a pump to, probably had the same problem when building the pool. so you just need to buy or rent a thin submersible pump of 1.5 hp or so, something substantial, not a cheap little pool cover pump, but a real ‘sump pump’- connect a discharge hose or pipe, and lower it into the dry well, and then plug it in., inground pool liner cost. i see a lot of websites that tell you what an inground pool liner replacement should cost, or sites with swimming pool liner replacement calculators, most of them are misleading or just plain don’t know what the heck they’re talking about..

How to install a swimming pool liner. if you have questions about anything in our how to install a swimming pool liner video please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-515-1747 or send us an email, [email protected] at pool warehouse, we know swimming inground pool kits!