Proper-way-to-jump-a-pool-ball, jeanette lee, "the black widow," former #1 ranked billiards player in the world, demonstrates how to jump your cue ball over another ball. jeanette shows you how to make your own "jump cue," where .... There are times in a game of pool that a jump shot can propel you toward success that would otherwise be unattainable. jumping the cue ball is also much more consistent than kicking or masse shots, if you can become proficient with the technique., learn how to jump the cue ball in a variety of situations, and the physics behind it. in this in-depth billiards jump shot tutorial, i give a lesson on my technique for executing a jump shot and ....

Hi my name is florian kohler also known as venom. joining me is jamillette. in the last few months we've covered all the basics of today we're going to go over some advanced billiard shots because sometimes to win a game of pool, we need to know more than just the basics., 50 ways to jump into a swimming pool. 50 ways to jump into a swimming pool warning safety is the first consideration when jumping into a pool. be sure the area is large enough to complete the jump..

Here are my 8 top pool strokes, there's more than one way to hit the cue ball to win. here are some of the most important techniques for the beginner to learn., jumping ball strategies main forum. remember me | forgot username or password? today's posts mark forums read mark forums read