Patio-cover-attached-to-fascia, patio cover installation patio covers directly attach to your homes fascia board with the included hanger, your fascia board needs to be a minimum of two inches thick and allow enough space for the hanger to attach.. Benefits attaching pergola to house fascia garden landscape building a patio cover plans for an almost free patio cover fascia board attachment how to attach a patio roof an existing house diy pj fitzpatrick long patio cover with gable attached to fascia hundt long patio cover with gable attached to fascia hundt., patio roof flyover with fascia posts images built with custom corbels and attached to the fascia of house here s a solid alumawood cover attached to fascia board this patio cover fascia board attachment long patio cover with gable attached to fascia outdoor covered patio cover with starburst gable attached to fascia hundt..

Attached to fascia, attached with gable, corbel, mckinney, patio cover this custom patio cover provides shade for patio and grass. hundt construction shade structures really transform your backyard into a livable space by blocking that tough texas sun., attaching to the fascia is a popular installation option, especially for homes that have a low roof overhang height; another reason is for a seamless look where the patio cover is a continuation of the roof..

Hi everyone - i've been a student of this forum for almost a year and am so grateful for all the wisdom found here. we're having an alumawood patio cover installed and the contractor wants to attach it to the fascia board since our roof line is so low., hello wise ones... i know this is a bad practice, but is there a code against attaching the patio cover to the fascia board? the patio cover extends to the left in the picture, only attached to the fascia boards, no bolts either. thank you!.

Re: patio cover attached to fascia looks unsound at the very best this is a poorly done job. nothing should be hung from a fascia board and the likelihood that there is enough slope on this roof is nil., with this type of finish the eaves, fascia and gutters are not seen from the inside of the patio, giving it the simplest, cleanest and neatest appearance. the sixth option is where the desired look.... To create a neat and tidy look, extra height is required, eaves, fascia, and gutter are removed, and rafters are cut back. install fhs columns on top of the wall. after that, place and reinforce the patio to the rafters. the beam has to be placed on top of the desired height.