Paint-aluminum-pool-enclosure, paint your pool enclosure on a dry, calm day when outdoor temperatures are between 55 and 75 degrees fahrenheit. if your pool enclosure contains glass panels or screens, tape the edges of these with painter's tape. stretch plastic sheeting around the bottom of your enclosure to protect the rest of the deck and pool area from paint stains.. Challenges of painting a pool cage. it’s recommended that you repaint your house every 5-10 years depending on environmental conditions to keep the curb appeal top notch. a pool enclosure is no different. as we know, the type of paint used plays a large part in how long the finish will last., painting your pool enclosure can enhances your pool area. basic ones can resemble simple fences while others may have larger glass panels and sliding screens..

As to how to paint the metal framing of the pool enclosure: whether the enclosure has a painted finish or an anodized finish, both make a suitable underbody for an acrylic paint. anodizing is actually often done to aluminum prior to painting because it makes the aluminum more porous so that the paint will adher better., painting your pool enclosure is a cost-effective alternative to rebuilding it from the ground up. you could save thousands of dollars and still restore your pool enclosure to its original luster by painting it using our direct-to-metal paints..

Product description. a professional grade touch-up paint that matches the color of most aluminum building structures. fast dry and resists fading., a repainted aluminum enclosure is a fraction of the cost to rebuilding a pool cage and provides far less negative environmental impact! no job is too big or small! we have the tools and resources to apply paint to 3-story cages as well as the crews to handle smaller applications as well..

A. pool cage aluminum is not anodized but rather painted. with proper preparation it can be repainted with oil based enamel paint like rustoleum. a small roller works best and you can prep the area with bleach. the color is not black but architectural bronze, also called quaker bronze., the screen tight 12 oz. aerosol paint works well on aluminum structures, doors, shutters, windows and other objects. the paint comes in a semi-gloss medium bronze color that does not require the use of a primer for application..

Corey began working on screen enclosures as a teenager in 2004 after hurricane charley devastated his home town of punta gorda. 7 years later, after holding positions from foreman, to sales, to project manager, while attending college at florida gulf coast university, corey and childhood friend thomas davis founded gulf coast aluminum in 2011.