Packing-a-bike-frame-for-shipping, from preparing the pedals to deflating the tires, ups explains how to pack a bike for shipping. read on for tips on shipping your bike from the experts.. How to pack a bike to ship. if you need to ship a bike. you must take the proper precautions to ensure that the cycle is not damaged in transit. you can assure the bike's safe arrival at its final destination if you box, and pack, it..., step 8: attach packaging materials to bicycle. wrap all the tubes with self adhesive cardboard tubing or foam. if a bicycle shop did not.

Protect bike. ideally, your local bike shop will hook you up with the same packing material that bikes are shipped with from the factory. this includes foam strips cut to the length of your frame tubes, plastic fork protector to go in the place of your quick release axle, plastic hub protector plugs for your front wheel, plastic derailleur protector disc and sometimes even some choice pieces ..., editor’s note: this article was originally published on april 3, 2018. it was updated oct. 30, 2019. packing a bike for the first time presents some challenges. bikes can be delicate, expensive pieces of gear, and their size makes packing them awkward; getting them to a destination safely requires planning. learn how to properly break […].

If you are heading off to university, moving to another part of the country or just can't travel with your bike, sending a bike with a courier can be your best option. however, how do you ship a bike safely without it getting damaged on the way? this simple step-by-step guide details how to box up a bike, including the materials you need and the best techniques for dismantling