Intermatic-pool-pump-timer-not-working, the most common pool timer used for inground pool pumps is the intermatic time clock. the workhorse of the equipment pad, these timer clocks can outlast some of the equipment that they power – but eventually, the workhorse will tire, and need to be retired to pasture – or maybe you can fix it!. Commonly, many pool owners will think there pool timer is broken and not working when all they had to to is turn the circuit breaker to the on position. but if your circuit breaker is in the on position and your pool timer clock is not rotating and the timer is not working then you will need to call a licensed electrician to replace the timer., hello, my wife and i just bought a house here in arizona and the other day, i moved the "on/off" trippers on the "intermatic timer" (for the pool pump to turn on/off at different times than what the previous owner had them set at). since then, it's no longer automatically turning on or off the....

I know, you've seen it before, but i haven't found a solution. i have two timers, one for the filter and one for the sweep. the filter pump was replaced w a vfd a few years ago and i'm wondering if they wired the timers incorrectly. the clocks haven't functioned properly for quite a while, but..., a swimming pool timer is a tool to help save energy in the operation of your swimming pool. by turning the pool’s pumps on and off at prescribed times, you can run the pumps when you need to and shut them off during the hours the pool isn’t in use..

Of course the most common problem is the timeclock will not turn on pump: 1 a)is there power to timeclock?....check the breaker-on a 230 volt system there will be two breakers to check-even if they look like they are not tripped,reset them anyway., the clock motor in an intermatic t104 timer will occasionally fail. if the yellow wheel stops turning but the manual switch still functions correctly, it may be due to one of two failures, the timer motor or the timer mechanism. the following steps show you how to replace the motor, wg1573-10d. note, this motor is for a t104 220v timer..

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