Inground-vinyl-pool-liner-problems, inground vinyl pool kits are installed with curved and straight wall panels made from either coated steel or polymeric thermoplastic. both are guaranteed for 25 years, but can last much longer. my 30 year old steel walls looked great when we replaced the liner a few years ago, and i saw no signs of deterioration, no dents, no rust.. Latham vinyl liner pools wrinkles and their causes in parts of the country where the water table is high, it's sometimes possible that water pressure can "float" the bottom of the pool. this can cause wrinkles in the vinyl pool liner when the water recedes., problem #4: liner longevity obviously, the biggest concern most pool consumers have when considering a vinyl liner is the longevity of the liner. this is understandable because the average vinyl liner replacement typically costs $3–6k when you consider labor, liner, and water..

The holy grail of vinyl liner problems are "ph wrinkles" which are a sudden onset of small, permanent wrinkles, throughout the entire pool. these wrinkles are caused by a chemical change in the vinyl that the liner is made from which results in the liner absorbing more water than it should., wrinkles in a vinyl liner don’t feel bad if you have a wrinkle or two, many vinyl pools have wrinkles. wrinkles can be part of a mis-calculated liner installation, or they can be a result of erosion under the liner, or the vinyl can pucker in certain corrosive water conditions..

Most of us have been around vinyl liner pools at one time or another. (for example, my grandparents have one. i now know that they needed to replace the liner years ago.