In-the-pool-on-your-period, in the summertime, or on holiday, your period can feel like even more of a hassle than it usually does. if you're going away, you want to be free to swim in the pool without fear of leaving a trail.... Insert a tampon or a menstrual cup before swimming. though swimming can temporarily reduce your menstrual flow, a tampon or cup will contain any flow. also, especially in a pool, it is not sanitary for you to go in the water with your friends without inserting a tampon or a menstrual cup first., swimming is absolutely fine for you during your menstrual period. in fact, while you are menstruating you can pretty much do anything that you do at all other times of the month. and yes, that includes all activities from swimming to sex. myths about why you shouldn't swim during your period.

While a tampon is the most common solution to swimming on your period, it’s not the only option. tampons do absorb some water while swimming, but as long as you change the tampon before and afterwards, you’ll be fine. a menstrual cup will also work in the water., three reasons it’s healthy to go swimming on your period: the water can actually slow down your period (yay!), and when using an insertable product like a tampon or menstrual disc, blood is very unlikely to come out. even if a little bit did leak out, it would become really diluted in the water..

Note: while your period doesn't stop while you're in the water, the lack of gravity and the pressure from the pool does help keep the blood inside you. when you get out of the pool, you are more prone to leaking. wrap a towel around you and go to the bathroom as quick as you can. 3, the cup also makes swimming during your period much more hygienic because it does not absorb any of the water you are floating around in. on a day when you have light flow, you can use one cup and change it every twelve hours. in case of heavy flow, you can take breaks from the water and empty your cup..

Summer’s finally here, and many of us are looking forward to splashing in some form of h2o to have fun while beating the heat. whether you’re an occasional oceanista or a daily diver, chances are that your period will coincide with your swimming plans at some point this season., a pool in georgia is asking women not to swim while they're on their periods. here's why the pool's rule is majorly misguided. by claire hannu m vake swimming and fitness club in tbilisi, georgia...