How To Clean And Wax Old Wood Floors
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How To Clean And Wax Old Wood Floors

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How To Clean And Wax Old Wood Floors

To apply, dampen a clean mop head. Pour the polish onto the mop and pour some of the polish directly on the floor. Spread the polish evenly to avoid bubbles in the liquid. Allow the polish to dry, and buff the floor with a clean towel, an electric polisher, or a terry cloth-covered sponge mop.
Though newer hardwood floors are often coated with polyurethane, those of us living in older homes are sometimes puzzled by how to care for floors with more .
Waxing hardwood floors is an economical, tried-and-true way to restore their. Strip old wax, if present, by working a soft cloth dampened with mineral. Damp mop the floor with water to remove leftover cleaner, then dry with a clean towel.
Paste wax simply makes it slippery. As for acrylic. Method's Squirt & Mop Wood Floor Cleaner contains two solvents, one derived from cornstalks ($5; Target).
Caring for your wood floor is one big step in keeping things green. Proper maintenance will ensure the floors durability and attractiveness for a long time.

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