Effects-of-high-ph-level-in-pool, one of the most frequent problems is when a pool’s ph gets too high. the ph is a measure of the water’s balance between acidity and alkalinity.. When the ph level in your pool exceeds 7.8 ph, your water is considered to have high ph. this means that your water is now too soft and there can be consequences. a high ph level can be caused by several factors, the main culprits being additional chlorine stabilizers and sudden increases in temperature., source: richard a. falk. chart values are for 77ºf water. the bold numbers in the middle of the table show the most common carbonate alkalinity ranges in swimming pools. this is important, because when ph gets over 8.2, it becomes much more difficult for calcium carbonate to stay in solution (the lsi is too high, usually)..

For those individuals who don’t know what alkalinity is, it’s a method for determining how resistant the water in your pool is to neutralize the acid. in simpler terms, alkalinity serves as a buffer which stabilizes ph levels. maintaining these levels are important because it’s an essential step in keeping the water in your pool, a higher ph level can also be caused by a sudden rise in temperature of the water. however, much more important than the causes are the effects of such a high ph level. the first consequence is one that can also be felt in your wallet. as a result of too high a ph level, the chlorine in your pool will no longer work effectively..

Ph balance in swimming pools is possibly the most critical element of pool water maintenance. if you consider that chlorine's ability to do its job is directly linked to the ph, high or low levels inevitably lead to sanitization problems., as far as harm to people, high ph makes the water feel "slimey" and it is easier to slip on steps or the floor of the pool..

The importance of maintaining proper ph balance cannot be overstated. ph levels in swimming pools effect everything from swimmer comfort, longevity of pool surfaces and equipment, water clarity and more. one of the most overlooked problems associated with ph that is not properly balanced is the effect it has on your sanitizers performance.