Ceiling-fan-not-working-on-high-speed, this video will give some insight into replacing the capacitor in a ceiling fan. our ceiling fan was not turning at full speed when selecting high speed, the capacitor was faulty. you can get a .... If certain ceiling fan speeds are not working, there are a few things that could be the problem. luckily, finding out the source of the problem is not all that difficult. essentially, we’ll use process of elimination to get to the root of the problem. the first thing to try is to clean and lubricate […], the ceiling fan would turn on by using the wall switch, but it would only work on one speed, low speed. turning the knob to high or medium did nothing. because it occurred within a few months of the remodel and because our house’s wiring has always been a little bit flakey anyway, i figured that there must be some sort of electrical problem..

Most fans are not compatible with solid state speed controls so make sure your fan and speed control are compatible. a grinding or squealing noise would mean a bearing or bushing problem. finally check the fan visually for any wobble that would indicate poor balance. checking for the proper lubrication, if your fan will go into low and medium speed but not high then it’s most likely your fan switch. the first thing that you must do is turn the breaker off to the fan. make sure that the power is off by trying to turn on the fan/light. once you have done that you’re ready to replace the fan switch..

Build up of friction in bearings could do it. however, that often takes 10 or more years. the cure is to take the fan apart and clean the bearings. a failing motor capacitor. will slow the fan., working and the fan is not, the first thing to check is if the black wire has come disconnected inside the canopy. if it is connected, what is it connected sometimes the fan motor is on a separate circuit that may not be energized. check also in the switch housing to see that no wires are loose or disconnected..

For those who are having a problem with their hunter 3-speed fan not working on all speeds, listen up: my fan would work on low speed and high speed, but when i selected medium speed, i got low speed.