Can-you-pool-hilton-points, share, combine, and pool hilton honors points to make booking reward nights easier than ever. here's a hilton points pool and share guide.. In april 2017 hilton revamped its honors loyalty program and, as part of the revamp, hilton added a points pooling feature which is remarkably easy to use. there's no fee to pool hilton honors points and up to 11 people can participate so this is definitely something all hilton honors members should be aware of., hilton has added the ability to pool your hilton points (click here to pool points). official f.a.q is found here. things to know: no fee for pooling points total of 11 hilton honors members can pool their points together. one member initiates the pooling and up to 10 other members can contribute. can pool a minimum […].

Hilton's made a lot of changes to its loyalty program as of late. in the end of april, hilton honors added a brand new benefit for its members--the ability to pool points with other hilton honors members. you don't even need to share the same address! this is super convenient if a friend or family member needs some more points for a specific redemption. you could pool your points with them now ..., hilton honors point pooling allows you to send 500,000 and receive 2,000,000 points per year (across up to 10 people total) at no cost. points must be transferred in 1,000-point increments but now you have a way to help ensure points don't go to waste..

When hilton honors announced their changes, one of the ones that was the most exciting to everyone (well, maybe after changing hhonors to just honors!) was their new point pooling. this would eliminate the fee and allow you to pool points from up to 11 accounts into a single account – for free!they said it would go live in april and i have been checking everyday to see if that promise would ..., on this page, you can enter the names and email addresses of up to 10 people who you want to pool hilton honors points with. the person who wants the hilton honors points in their account (aka pool president), is the one who should fill out the form..

You can transfer a minimum of 1,000 points and a maximum of 500,000 points into a pool in a calendar year while some other hotel loyalty programs allow points pooling in one capacity or another, hilton honors’ system is by far the most “no strings attached” of any of them.