Billiards-vs-pool-vs-snooker, most carom billiards and pool games are played on either a seven-foot table (also known as a bar table), eight-foot table (sometimes called a home or recreational table), or nine-foot table (known as a pro or tournament table). carom billiard tables do not have pockets, whereas pool tables have pockets. for snooker, pocketed tables are used.. The terms billiards and pool, on the other hand, are often used to refer to popular 8 ball or 9 ball games. but billiards is as different from pool as snooker is. all three games vary in table size, ball size, rules, cue size and width, and even the number of pockets used. in this article we’re going to discuss billiards vs pool vs snooker., pool vs. snooker vs. billiards - pool, snooker, and billiards are cue sports which are played on a table having pockets. the main objective is to send the balls to the pockets. there are many d.

To the untrained eye, the concepts of pool, snooker and billiards blend together to signify a singular cue sport that presents more similarities than differences. this is not entirely wrong from a broad perspective, considering that all three games entail utilizing the cue to strike a cue ball (or 2 of them in certain variations of billiards) on a trajectory that intersects with the object balls., billiards, pool, and snooker appear to be very similar but the three vary based on the number of balls, pockets, table size, cue stick size, and several other factors. some people use the term billiards and pool interchangeably..

Snooker, pool, and billiards are just different names for the same game, right? although many people believe all three of these games are the same, or at least just slight variations, of the same game, they are not., well, all three are very different as the format is different for each of those. here are some of the differences: number of balls on the table: pool - 16 (numbered 1 to 15 including the white cue ball) snooker - 22 (15 reds, 1 color each of yello....

In regards to the balls (2-7/16 inches) used in billiards, they are slightly larger in size compared to the pool ones and substantially bigger than the snooker ones. however, the weight of the billiard balls is similar to their pool counterparts, meaning somewhere in between 7.23 ounces and 7.75 ounces.