Biggest-whirlpool-ever, the largest whirlpool has a diameter of 130 to 160 feet and induces a surface water ripple of up to 3 feet. moskstraumen result from several factors such as tides, strong winds, the position of the lofotodden, and the topography of the underwater. although most whirlpools occur in confined straits and rivers, moskstraumen is an exception.. The corryvreckan is a narrow strait between the islands of jura and scarba, in argyll and bute, on the northern side of the gulf of corryvreckan, is the third-largest whirlpool in the world. flood tides and inflow from the firth of lorne to the west can drive the waters of corryvreckan to waves of more than 9 metres (30 ft), and the roar of the resulting maelstrom, which reaches ..., the world's largest whirlpool recorded is old sow whirlpool. diameter of the world's largest whirlpool was about 250 feet. the height was about 20 feet and reached to a speed of 17.15 mph..

Ocala, florida residents shocked as sinkhole opens up swallowing 5 acre pond tuesday (aug 23, 2013) - duration: 2:24. adrenalinejunky 1,636,276 views, maelstroms are a large tidal whirlpool. the largest known maelstrom is moskstraumen off the lofoten islands in norway. powerful whirlpools have killed unlucky seafarers, but their power tends to be exaggerated in fiction. maelstroms can reach speeds of 20-40km/h..

Old sow whirlpool, largest tidal whirlpool in the western hemisphere, is in passamaquoddy bay, off deer island, nb, and moose island, eastport, me, within the western bay of fundy., the biggest whirlpools in the world are also some of the most dangerous. it's almost impossible to escape their currents if you get caught. which are they?. Old sow is a giant whirlpool that lies between the usa and canada, near deer island, new brunswick on the canada side and eastport, maine on the american., old sow is the largest natural whirlpool in the western hemisphere, and is one of five significant whirlpools worldwide.