Best-time-of-day-to-run-pool-pump, in an ideal world, the best thing you could do for your pool would be to run the pump all day, every day. however, as you may have discovered, that will get you an electric bill so ridiculous that you’ll have to get two more jobs to cover it. don’t think that means you have to stop using your pool, though.. Running your pump at night is the best time for a few reasons: while it’s important to circulate your water at least a little bit during the daytime, running it at night is far more efficient. electrical companies charge less for energy use during non-peak hours, which is typically between 9 pm and before 8 am., algae grows quickest when the sun is at its strongest so it makes absolute sense to run the pool pump when the sun is at its strongest, ie. during the period over midday. so if you need to run the pump for 8 hours each day to ensure the total volume is filtered then you should run the pump from 8am to 4pm..

The best time to run the pool pump is during the night time due to a few reasons. first of all electrical companies may charge less for using energy during non-peak hours i.e. between 9 pm and 8 am. secondly, the pool will look clear and will be ready for the swim next morning with no stains from rust or the elements., ultimately, the best time of day to run pool pump turns out to be at night to remove any things that’ll leave rust stains and more..

It is ideal to run your pool pump for as long as it takes to circulate all of the pool water through the filtration system. this duration of time often depends on the size of your pool and pump. on average, pumps usually circulate the entire pool water within 8 hours. with some pumps and some pools, this could take up to 12 hours., many people run it at night, however it is highly ineffective and ends up costing more in both time and money. the daylight hours are when the sun is hitting your pool and your pool gets used the most, that is when you need chlorine filtrating through your system. algae needs four things to form and survive. the sun is one of them, and you are giving it free access if you run it at night. it ....

For example if you are in a climate where the avg is 80-90, pump running time would be 8-9 hrs. and the best time to run the pump is during the day especially if you have some kind of inline chlorinator so the pool will be chlorinated in the heat of the day when chlorine reduction is at its peak., during the daytime, when the sun is shining on the pool, and during the warmest hours of the day. unfortunately, these are also peak hours for energy consumption, but it is the best time of day to run the pool pump. use a timeclock to operate your pool pump, and reset it as needed, to maintain water clarity.