Best-time-of-day-to-run-above-ground-pool-pump, image via exclusive jacuzzi & spa covers. as we mentioned earlier, the optimal pool pump runtime is a little different for everyone. this is for two reasons: pump size and pool size. that said, 8 hours is a good amount of time to run your pool pump in most cases.. Is there a best time to run a pool pump in summer? learn more about this vital swimming pool component so you can keep your water safe and crystal clear., well, 24 hours a day would be ideal. but there's a better answer to how long to run a pool pump, and it won't make your electric bill skyrocket..

If you have a pool, then you almost assuredly have a pool filter pump. but how long should you run the filter pump? knowing that a pool pump filter system is the second highest energy consumer during the summer, (after ac units), we want you to get the most bang for your buck., pool pumps help to sanitize the pool water, and therefore they need to run long enough to circulate all of the pool water through the filters.. Pump timing. a pool pump should run for as long as necessary to circulate all of the water through the pump and filter system. this turnover rate varies based on pool size and the pump.