Best-tide-pool-beaches-in-northern-california, 7. abalone cove shoreline park, palos verdes. the best tide pools in this park are on the southern end of the main beach below the tall point. there are other tidepooling areas on palos verdes peninsula between la and long beach, but these are the best.. This story was updated on march 1, 2017. fitzgerald marine reserve is home to some of the most diverse and accessible tidepools in the state, but there are many other good tidepooling destinations along california’s more than 1,000 miles of coastline. as a rule, tidepools are most exposed and best explored at low tide. consult tide tables to determine the best time to visit., i’ve been exploring tide pools along the coast of northern humboldt and del norte counties for 40 years. this post shares excellent places to find tide pools where you can observe sea stars, anemones, mussels, and the other myriad life that lives on the rocks of the intertidal zone of the pacific ocean..

La jolla cove | photo by flickr/roozbehrokni located just north of san diego, la jolla is a picture-perfect community with one of the most family-friendly beaches in all of california. at this california tide pools there is also sparkling blue water to play in and seals to admire., fitzgerald marine reserve in moss beach, is just a 20 miles south (half-hour drive) from downtown and duxbury reef in marin county is just 30 miles north (plan on an hour due to slow windy roads). both of these locations have some incredible marine life in their pools. just check tide tables and wait for low tide before you go (the lower the better)..

Here are links to pages that group location by geographic regions. best tide pools in los angeles county – a lisf of good tide pool locations in los angeles; best tide pools in orange county – a list of the best tide pools in orange county; best tide pools in california – a list of the best tide pool locations in california; san diego tide pools a list of the best tide pools in the san ..., the fitzgerald marine reserve's rocky tidepools are rich with diverse marine life. the reserve is a popular oceanside destination for school and community educational activities..

Discover fascinating tide pools in california, learn the location specific secrets and insight, learn about the animals and algae and find out how these amazing animals can survive., beach agates, sometimes also called "moonstones" [although this name is incorrect - true moonstone is a form of feldspar] are a common find on california's coasts..

On the way back toward town, check out the bay side water to see if you can catch a glimpse of the very entertaining otters. if bird watching is your jive, the morro bay area is home to over 250 species of birds (including peregrine falcons), a fact that this quaint fishing village celebrates each year with the winter bird festival weekend.. beach and coastal activities are numerous in morro bay.