Beaches-with-tide-pools-in-san-francisco, tide pools are one of the biggest draws at california beaches and the bay area has it’s fair share of them. in fact, two of the best tide pools in california are just a short distance from san francisco.. With miles of coastline just a short drive away, it’s a great day to check out the nearby tide pools. check the tide schedule and pick a time when the tides are the lowest for best viewing. sea anemones, sea stars, crabs and more are all visible in the pools that are created when the tide recedes., at low tide throughout the summer, a whole new world of wonder is revealed in the rocky coastline on beaches south of san francisco. it is a world of chartreuse and fuchsia sea stars, skittish hermit crabs, and prickly sea urchins; a world in which any given seaweed-covered crevasse might reveal tiny fish called sculpins or giant slug-like critters known as sea cucumbers..

Stinson beach is a stunning pristine beach near san francisco, located within the golden gate national recreation area in marin county. the national park service-operated beach, which is located approximately half an hour from the golden gate bridge, is accessible from marin city via daily beach bus service and is known as one of the bay area's top day-trip getaway spots., here is our list of the top 12 beaches in san francisco. 1. baker beach. located near the golden gate bridge (and with awesome views of it to boot), baker beach is one of the many popular spots in the golden gate national recreation area.baker beach isn’t safe for swimming, but you’ll have the battery chamberlin, a large historic military gun installation from 1904, to entertain you..

Answer 1 of 5: my family and i are planning a northern california road trip for this june. i really want to spend a day taking my kids (7 and 10 years old) to tide pools. does anyone have any suggestions for the best, kid-friendly tide pools between san..., photo: stacey z. via yelp leo carrillo state beach: malibu. adored by families near and far, this malibu beach at low tide really shows off its rocky underworld where sea stars, anemones, sea urchins and crabs delight sea-life seekers of all ages. your small scallywags can really tap into their inner pirate while they climb under rock arches, through tunnels, and inside small coves..

La jolla cove | photo by flickr/roozbehrokni located just north of san diego, la jolla is a picture-perfect community with one of the most family-friendly beaches in all of california. at this california tide pools there is also sparkling blue water to play in and seals to admire., we appreciate the challenges facing teachers, students and parents during these difficult times. and, we want to help. to more fully engage with the natural wonders found at fitzgerald marine reserve check out this virtual field trip featuring many of the amazing animals living in the tide pools.. teachers may find this video effective for both classroom and on-line learning..

Answer 1 of 7: hi, i am going to pleasanton, california, near san francisco. i have 3 children (12, 11, 5). we would like to go to a nice family type beach near san francisco area. would like to maybe swim, play on beach, explore tidepools, etc. any suggestions...