Back-surgery-gone-wrong, the technique can address slipped discs, stenosis (narrowing of the spine), slippage of vertebrae (including spondylolytic spondylolisthesis), so called “instability” and failed back surgery.. Dr. rashbaum: we find out what went wrong. typically, the patients i see that clearly have failed back surgery syndrome (fbss) go back to their doctor, only to find that their doctors are totally disengaged in finding the truth. unfortunately, this is common., failed back surgery syndrome (also called fbss, or failed back syndrome) is a misnomer, as it is not actually a syndrome - it is a very generalized term that is often used to describe the condition of patients who have not had a successful result with back surgery or spine surgery and have experienced continued pain after surgery..

Back surgery gone wrong. i am 35 years old and have been suffering from lower back pain since 1994, the next three years were devoted to three different lower back surgeries; a discectomy of l5, a fusion of l5- s1, and finally rods taken out. after each surgery i had months and months of physical therapy either in a pool setting, underwater ..., back surgery gone wrong: why it may not always be the answer to back pain whether you’re trying to fix a computer virus or a leak on a roof, experts usually recommend more conservative measures first before resorting to the most extreme options that are pricier, riskier and often irreversible. your health is the same way..

Failed back surgery syndrome (or fbss) refers to patients with persistent or new pain after spinal surgery for back or leg pain.